RGB: Reptilian Glare Bender

Jeroen Heeren

RGB: Reptilian Glare Bender

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In this game, the player controls a glowing chameleon that can change its colour. All world objects of the same colour fade away, allowing the chameleon to 'blend in' to his perception and make progress. Navigate the chameleon through 5 levels and collect as much candy as you can, for the chameleon is hungry and loves a nice, big snack. However, candy appears only if you change to a matching colour! Though your chameleon can only cycle manually through red, green and blue, it can absorb an additional 3 colours, and it's up to you to find out how. Level 4 contains a bit of "Rebels Learns it Better", as in an Easter egg. Can you find it? Spoiler: no chameleons were harmed during the process of this game's creation. It's just you doing it wrong.


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